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We only offer the highest quality products and tools, and we know everything about what we sell. Our product experts are on call with expert advice for whatever your project calls for. If you want help finding the right building supplies and materials for your project, please reach out to our expert staff!

If you want help finding the right tools and supplies, please reach out to our expert staff! We’ll be happy to provide a quote for your next project!

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We’ve done our best to categorize all our products to make it easy to find the right products & materials for any project. If there’s a specific product you’re looking for, or a specific project you’re wondering if we can help with, please reach out to us directly and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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You will notice we do not list prices for our building supplies in North York – this is because we do not sell individual products or materials directly from the website. If you would like to place an order, please contact us for a quote!


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With more info about the project we can provide a more accurate quote, and can recommend any additional products or materials you may need. If you would like more information on a product, or you’re wondering if a certain product / material will be right for a project you’re working on, please fill out the following form.